Warm Up This Winter

Warm Up This Winter
December 1, 2017 Nicola Barnes

Too cold to go out? ❄️ Warm up and workout indoors.

Frost, rain or winter chills, enjoy a pregnancy workout from the comfort of your own front room!

Warming up is even more important when you’re exercising whilst pregnant, stretching your muscles, gradually increasing your heart rate and improving your circulation.  Avoid over-stretching as the pregnancy hormone relaxin loosens the ligaments in your joints and can make you more susceptible to injury.

Prenatal fitness expert Kimmy shares her favourite warm up exercises for mums-to-be.   These are ideal if you’re working out at home… and just as useful in the gym or before a run.

Rotation through the lower spine:

  • Standing in a soft short ‘lunge position’, with your front knee bent
  • Twist your body round with your arms swinging

Aim for at least 10 rotations

Hip rotations:

  • Keep your feet in a wide stance facing forward, with your knees slightly bent, hands on hips
  • Rotate your hips in circular clockwise direction for ten rotations
  • Repeat in the opposite directions for ten rotations

Repeat 10 times

Side stretch bend:

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart
  • Lift your right arm above your head and lean over with your left arm travelling down your leg
  • Look up to your hand and stretch, bending your arm if this gives you a deeper stretch

Swap sides and repeat on each side 12- 15 times

Pregnancy workout warm up

March on the spot:

  • With your feet hip width apart and soft knees march on the spot
  • Include your arms to really loosen up all your muscles and get the blood pumping around your body
  • Keep going for 30 seconds, pause for 10 seconds and repeat again!

Repeat 3 times

For more prenatal warm up exercises from Kimmy and a safe pregnancy workout to improve your core strength download our free Ebook.

We’ll keep you posted with regular tips for your fit and healthy pregnancy too 😊

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