Pregnancy Workouts At Home With Emma Bord

Pregnancy Workouts At Home With Emma Bord
July 6, 2020 Nicola Barnes

Prenatal fitness trainer Emma Bord is expecting her third baby. She shares her pregnancy fitness tips to keep you active during lockdown.

Emma says: ‘I have always been a fan of home workouts and making exercise fit in around a busy lifestyle but it’s more relevant ever these days.  The current situation with COVID-19 has made working out at home hugely popular and it’s no exception for pregnant women!

As a PT I am currently offering virtual sessions as well as offering tips and programmes to keep people active, whether they be starting out, fit as a fiddle, pregnant like myself or postnatal and just getting back into exercise after having a baby.  There are so many physical and mental benefits to staying active, especially when pregnant.

The key is to not make your pregnancy home workout too complicated: if you’re struggling to find time to exercise, plan for a shorter more intense session – a few short bursts of exercise fitted into your daily routine can be just as effective as one longer session. If your kids are around, get them involved – they need the exercise too!  And if you are feeling a little lacking in energy, don’t try to fight it, but don’t give up either – try a more relaxing Pilates based workout.

I try and fit in some form of exercise in the morning in order to get the endorphins kicking at the start of the day as it undoubtedly makes me feel good and ready for whatever may be in store. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant so have reduced my high intensity workouts, but am still ensuring I raise my heart rate safely and keep my muscles conditioned and strong to support my body.

With two other little ones always at my feet I have found the best thing is to include them, so now they thoroughly enjoy running on the spot, star jumps, squats and even burpees! We make it part of our daily routine to put on some fun music and go through a short programme, and if necessary my toddler gets used as a weight which comes in very handy!

Keeping fit during pregnancy is so important for both mind and body but even more so at the moment when the current pandemic situation is likely to be causing more anxiety for expectant mums.

Whether it is going for a walk or jog, taking advantage of the array of home workouts for pregnant women available, or getting the kids involved in a fun circuit based like activity I can guarantee that getting the body moving, muscles feeling worked and endorphins flying around, you will feel more positive, strong and happy in both mind and body.

Make sure you warm up before you start your pregnancy workout to loosen up your joints, activate your muscles and gradually raise your heart beat ready for exercise and it’s important to cool down at the end of your session too, don’t be tempted to simply stop and immediately get on with your day!  Stay hydrated – keep a bottle of water handy and take regular sips when you exercise.

Put on your trainers and get started!

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