Celebrating Christmas with a ‘baby bump’?

Celebrating Christmas with a ‘baby bump’?
December 5, 2019 Nicola Barnes

Check out our top tips and thoughts for a pregnant Christmas – there’s even more to celebrate if there’s a baby on the way.

Take it easy! Make the most of being pregnant and accept offers of help. Let other people carry the shopping and do the cooking and take some holiday time for yourself.  Once your baby arrives you’ll long for half an hour to curl up with a book or to watch your favourite film.


Don’t take it toooo easy! Finding time to do some exercise will give your more energy to cope with the extra demands of Christmas.  If you’re struggling to fit in your favourite pregnancy workout session at the gym, don’t forget that walking is good exercise too – a bracing walk is a sociable way to stay active, get some fresh air and maintain your cardio fitness.


Late nights and heavy partying might be off the agenda but don’t refuse the invite on the basis that you can’t drink. There are some excellent alcohol-free still and sparkling wines available which taste every bit as good as the real thing.  Bees Knees is our favourite champagne taste-a-like, or try one of the alcohol-free spirits, such as Borrago, which works especially well with an aromatic tonic water. Our alcohol-free festive mocktails look really special and slip down a treat! 


Stay hydrated. Christmas is tiring, you get out of your normal routines and it’s easy to forget your usual bottle of water.  If you’re feeling dizzy, nauseous or have a headache it could simply mean you’re dehydrated, so reach for a glass of water.  Add a slice of cucumber, lemon or a couple of strawberries to give your water a boost!


Keeping the weight of your bump supported will make you feel more comfortable and less tired. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of living in your pregnancy activewear, now is the time to start! FittaMamma maternity leggings hold your bump securely and comfortably and look great teamed with a jumper, a long top or a dress.


Use your fit-ball to sit on whilst you’re watching the Christmas movies – circling your hips on the ball can help alleviate any nagging pregnancy back ache or lean across it for a lovely relaxing back stretch.  What’s more you can strengthen your core and work your abs without even noticing it!


Make shopping easy for others. Send a helpful link to a FittaMamma gift voucher and you can choose exactly what you want, in the right size and colour! Our range works just as well after your baby is born too, holding your ‘mummy tummy’ whilst you regain your pre-baby bod.


If you’re close to your due date the chances are that your baby WON’T be born on Christmas Day – statistically fewer babies are born on Christmas Day than on a ‘normal’ day.  But that still means around 1400 UK Mammas each year can expect to deliver their baby along with all the presents. The most popular time to give birth is late August and September….nine months after Christmas!


9. It’s hard to resist the temptation to give a Christmas baby a festive name. Holly or Noel maybe?  Gabriella, Angelica or Angelina for a girl?  Call your son after one of the three wise men, Caspar, Balthazar or Melchior or choose Rudolph after the reindeer. If it’s white Christmas, snow names include Eira (Welsh for ‘snow’), Lumi (‘snow’ in Finnish) or Neives (‘snow’ in Spanish).  Or simply ‘Snow’.  Gloria is a long-standing Christmas favourite for a girl and Joseph is still a top choice for Christmas boys.


But most importantly (top tip number 10!)

Enjoy a fabulous, fit and healthy Christmas Mammas!

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