Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy Stretch Marks
July 29, 2019 Nicola Barnes

A staggering 8 out of 10 women will get stretch marks during pregnancy. They are an everyday problem, affecting all skin types, developing on thighs, breasts and most commonly on the tummy.  We asked our friends at Secret Saviours to tell us why they occur and how you can help prevent them.

How Stretch Marks Form

During pregnancy, hormones soften fibres in the skin in preparation for labour, making it more susceptible to tears as the skin stretches.  Think of a windscreen splitting downwards after a small crack appears from a flyaway stone.  Stretch marks form in a similar way.  A small red micro-tear will appear in the skin and then, already weakened, the skin will eventually tear in a straight line downwards, at right angles to the body’s natural skin lines (known as Langer’s lines).

These tears appear as red lines that fade slowly after childbirth to leave pale, silvery lines on the skin.  They never disappear completely and can cause deep physical and emotional issues. Even with today’s body positive attitude to skin imperfections and celebrating your ‘tiger stripes’, many women find it difficult to come to terms with a tummy full of stretch marks.

Creams, oils and gels might help, but don’t actually prevent stretch marks

Unfortunately, once formed, there is little that can be done to remove pregnancy stretch marks.  The internationally renowned Cochrane Report on stretch marks, as well as the British Journal of Dermatology, both agreed that creams, oils and gels don’t work.

Dr Justine Kluk, consultant dermatologist from London, believes brands need to be more honest about what topical treatments can achieve:  “Creams can potentially make the skin feel smoother and plumper in the short term, but if they’re not actively going to reduce or eliminate stretch marks in the long run, and science seems to say that they won’t, then consumers should be made aware of this.”

Secret Saviours have developed an innovative system, invented by scientists and clinically proven to make a significant difference to your skin.

This product is a simple three-step Stretch Mark Prevention System from Secret Saviours, consisting of a Bump Band, Day Gel and Night Cream. When worn daily throughout pregnancy the revolutionary Bump Band secretly gets on with the job of preventing stretch marks, whilst mums-to-be get on with the job of growing their baby.

How does Secret Saviours Work?

The Bump Band is printed with specially arranged pads which gently grip the skin, equalising tension across the tummy, preventing small micro-tears from forming.  The pads are deliberately arranged in an irregular pattern so if a micro-tear does appear, it can’t easily rip downwards as its path is blocked by the pads.

The Bump Band is comfy and safe to wear and is accompanied by the slightly tacky Secret Saviours Day Gel, which holds the pads in place, and the Secret Saviours Night Cream which deeply moisturises the skin at night, leaving it soft and supple.

In independent trials Secret Saviours saved 82% of women from getting stretch marks.  And with growing evidence that creams, gels and oils simply cannot prevent the skin tearing, this is a product you’d be mad not to invest in. 

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