“I’m Pregnant!”

“I’m Pregnant!”
August 24, 2017 Nicola Barnes

FittaMamma founder Alex McCabe shares her first trimester experiences

It’s probably fair to say that until now, FittaMamma has been my baby.

Inspired by my sister-in-law and the impending birth of my first nephew (he’s now at school!) I’ve spent almost every waking moment thinking about how best to help more women look good, feel good and work out during pregnancy.

I’ve tried different trimester specific workouts and styles of pregnancy exercise and thought about why some women keep working out right up until birth and why others simply put their feet up.  Every time I’ve tried a new recipe I’ve wondered if it’s especially good for pregnant women.  Is it delicious? Would it work if you’re feeling a bit queasy? Could I add it to our website?

And nothing beats seeing Mammas-to-be try on our maternity activewear for the first time and seeing just how good they look and how much they love the support our range offers.

But now I’m going to experience it all for myself! My first baby is due in March and hey, does ACTUALLY being pregnant feel different to anything I was expecting!

First up, apparently all that research and positive thinking doesn’t actually stop you from feeling just a bit rubbish in your first trimester.

Nothing had prepared me for the tiredness that hits me like a brick in the late afternoon. Nine p.m. is apparently the new midnight. And as for heading to the gym after work… forget it.  But hang on a mo, exercise is supposed to make you feel LESS tired. I quickly realised that it’s not a case of simply giving up and succumbing to the slump… but changing my routine to adapt to the changes in my body.

Because I DON’T feel tired first thing in the morning.

So now I’m fitting in regular exercise before heading to work, whether it’s a 30-minute session in the gym, a Pilates class or putting on my maternity activewear and heading out for an early morning run.

Yes, I might only be 9 weeks pregnant, but putting on my maternity activewear is EXACTLY what I’m doing.  My ‘normal’ leggings cut right across my already burgeoning baby bump.  Forget hanging on until I look seriously pregnant and actually need the support – I’m LOVING my FittaMamma capris.

And on the weekends my favourite HIIT class is not too late in the day – I’m looking forward to sharing my baby news with the rest of the group.

And food?

I hadn’t expected the constant slight feeling of nausea either. Or foods simply tasting weird.

Broccoli. My favourite veggie and a great source of essential folic acid.  Of course I know I should eat it… but I can’t.

Coffee. It tastes disgusting. Easy to stick to sparkling water.  By the litre apparently, it’s so delicious.

Watermelon. Since becoming pregnant it’s become the most wonderful fruit on the planet.  Fortunately, watermelon is very good for pregnant women.  Which is a bonus when you’re eating at least half a watermelon a day.

Oat crackers are keeping the pregnancy nausea at bay.  And nuts. Can’t get enough of them.  Which is also good because they’re a good source of protein – helping to compensate for red meat being currently off my menu.

It’s just a few weeks to until I reach the end of my first trimester, when hopefully I’ll stop feeling tired and queasy and will start to bloom.

I’ll keep you posted, but hey, so good to be going through this pregnancy experience myself!


I am so proud to be able to participate in the ‘Pregnant Not Powerless’ campaign!

FittaMamma is leading the campaign to inspire women, motivate Mammas-to-be to stay fit during pregnancy and reduce the levels of negativity towards the incredible, inspirational women who choose an active and healthy pregnancy.

Join us on social media @FittaMamma and use the hashtag #PregnantNotPowerless.  Share your active pregnancy images and join our gallery of inspirational FittaMammas.

Let’s work together to create social change.  Let’s encourage women to give their children the best possible start in life.

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