10 Thoughts To Set Your Heart Racing

10 Thoughts To Set Your Heart Racing
January 16, 2019 Nicola Barnes

Is your baby bump adding an extra dimension to your traditional romantic twosome?  Here’s a few thoughts to focus on your heart during pregnancy…..it’s working even harder at the moment!

1) With up to 50% more blood in your system during pregnancy your heart has to work even harder. Regular cardio exercise during pregnancy will keep your heart strong.

2) Running during pregnancy is good for your heart. Expect to ease up the pace as your bump gets bigger, not so far and not so fast….and make sure you keep your precious baby bump supported.

3) Worried about your ‘safe’ heart rate during exercise? There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but it’s important to remember the ‘talk test’- don’t push yourself so hard you can’t hold a conversation.

4) Water melon can help reduce your heart rate and soothe your aching muscles after your pregnancy workout (it’s due to the abundance of the amino acid L-citrulline). And water melon is good for keeping you hydrated too!

5) Are you suffering from pregnancy heartburn? Try nibbling on savoury snacks, ginger biscuits or a banana. Eating little and often can help avoid heartburn, especially as your bump gets bigger.

6) Avoid lying on your back after the first trimester as the weight of your uterus can compress your inferior vena cava which carries blood from your lower body to your heart

7) Keeping your blood pressure at ‘normal’ avoids any extra strain on your heart – delicious nitrate-rich beetroots can be effective in lowering your blood pressure during pregnancy, make sure you include some in your pregnancy diet.

8) Warming up and cooling down before your pregnancy exercise session gently increases your heart rate to minimise stress on your heart.

9) A diet rich in omega3 is not just good for pregnancy nutrition and the healthy development of your baby – it’s good for your heart too! Eat plenty of oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds.

10) And finally …. Your traditional glass of bubbly might be off the menu but raise a toast with one of our pregnancy mocktails – our Ginger Slinger will slip down a treat!

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