New Year, New Baby on the Way…

New Year, New Baby on the Way…
December 22, 2018 Nicola Barnes

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions?

Here’s a thought for you! Research has shown that you’re 42% more likely to stick to your goals if you write them down.

Rather than a vague New Year resolution such as ‘of course I want to exercise during my pregnancy’, or ‘yes, I AM going to be a fabulous fit pregnant Mamma’,  we suggest you download the FittaMamma Fit Pregnancy Pledge, write down your goals and stick them somewhere prominent.

And whilst you’re downloading it and printing it out, we’ll share our Top Ten New Year Pregnancy Fitness tips to kick-start your motivation!

1) First and foremost, never forget that you’re making healthy lifestyle choices for both of you! Now you’re pregnant you’re keeping fit for your baby too.

2) It’s easy to pile on unwanted pounds during pregnancy – but not so easy to shift them afterwards.  Eating for two doesn’t mean eating twice as much!  Whilst we don’t recommend a weight loss diet for pregnant women, eating sensibly and exercising regularly will help you maintain a healthy weight gain.

3) Giving birth is probably the most physically demanding event your body is likely to experience. Staying strong and fit will help you to prepare for labour – let’s face it, you wouldn’t enter a marathon without boosting your fitness levels!

4) Exercise helps to keep your body toned as your bump gets bigger. Looking good will help you feel positive and proud of your body as it changes.

5) Feeling the post-Christmas slump? Lots of people (pregnant or otherwise) feel down in the dumps in January. Exercise will release feel-good endorphins and help to boost your mood.

6) Too many late nights over Christmas can disrupt your sleep patterns. Staying active helps to work off excess energy and encourage your body to feel more relaxed, making for a more restful sleep at night.

7) If you’re considering joining a gym, choose one that offers pregnancy exercise sessions, pregnancy Pilates or prenatal yoga. Regular workouts with other Mammas-to-be will keep you inspired.

8) Treat yourself to stylish maternity fitnesswear – looking good when you work out is a great confidence boost. FittaMamma maternity fitnesswear lifts, holds and supports to make your pregnancy workouts  secure and comfortable.

9) Whatever your usual pregnancy fitness regime, it’s worth including regular pregnancy yoga sessions – yoga is great for stretching and toning your body whilst the breathing and relaxation techniques are a real bonus when you give birth.

10) And some fit pregnancy stats to keep you inspired! Women who are physically active throughout pregnancy are around a third less likely to develop pre-eclampsia and up to 31% less likely to give birth to large babies, reducing the risk of needing a C-Section.

Whether it’s your first time or if you already have children, pregnancy is an ideal time to make positive lifestyle choices for you and your family – print off your pledge and make your New Year Fit Pregnancy Resolutions now!!!

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