Are you ‘taking it easy’? Or are you ‘Pregnant, NOT Powerless’

Are you ‘taking it easy’? Or are you ‘Pregnant, NOT Powerless’
October 31, 2018 Nicola Barnes

FittaMamma launched the Pregnant Not Powerless campaign to combat the perception that pregnant women should avoid anything more strenuous than a gentle walk.

We’ve been working with the University of Portsmouth to conduct research into the motivators and barriers to pregnancy exercise and it seems that women are still put off exercise by conflicting advice and anxiety around what exercise is safe to continue.  Even health and fitness professionals often err on the side of caution, recommending that pregnant women should ‘take it easy’.

But ‘taking it easy;’ means different things to different women.  If you’re used to running marathons, ‘taking it easy’ could mean scaling back to a half marathon.  For women who factor in an hour at the gym every day, exercise is part of their identity and ‘taking it easy’ is not an option.

Yes, of course you should listen to your body.  Take heed of the ‘Talk Test’ – if you’re exercising so hard you can’t talk it’s time to ease up, slow down or take a break.  Your runs should be are not so far and not so fast, and yes, it’s perfectly ok to walk up hills. Choosing lighter weights and more repetitions is recommended during pregnancy and as your bump gets bigger you’re going to need to adapt your routine.

But swapping your runs for a walk or ditching your gym sessions in favour of some ‘gentle stretches’ simply isn’t an option for many women.   And there’s nothing more aggravating than someone sharing their opinion that you shouldn’t be exercising …..especially when you KNOW that exercise during pregnancy is good for you and good your baby.

We asked many amazing pregnant women to help us share the Pregnant Not Powerless message…

Check out these inspirational Fit Mammas wearing their Pregnant Not Powerless vests with pride!

Every pregnant woman who wears the Pregnant Not Powerless vest is making a difference, inspiring other women that exercise during pregnancy is not only safe but beneficial for both mother and baby.   Join our inspirational FittaMammas and help spread the message ….it’s so important!

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