Power Shake Vitamin Smoothie

Power Shake Vitamin Smoothie
July 1, 2017 Sophie Wishart

Looking for an easy way to enjoy your prenatal vitamins? Try this delicious vitamin packed smoothie recipe full of essential pregnancy nutrients!

This substantial shake will fill you up and provide lots of pregnancy vitamins for those times when you can’t face eating a whole meal. Packed with goodness, vitamins and zinc for easy pregnancy nutrition in a glass!


Approximately 150g/6oz prepared fruit such as berries, mango banana, papaya, peach, apricot, melon or Kiwi fruit
250ml/8½fl oz low-fat plain yoghurt
250ml/8½fl oz fruit juice of choice such as orange, apple, pineapple or cranberry
50g/2oz ground almonds
2 tbsp honey
3-4 tbsp wheat germ
Pinch of ground cinnamon


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth, serve in glasses with extra ice to taste, this shake will keep in the fridge for two days.
For a wheat-free variation soak rolled oats overnight in fruit juice and use instead of the wheatgerm.

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