Vitamin Packed Ice Lollies

Vitamin Packed Ice Lollies
July 1, 2017 Sophie Wishart

Healthy pregnancy treat: fruit lolly

Want a healthy treat for your pregnancy diet? Try these yummy fruit ice lollies – they’re packed with prenatal vitamins and make a delicious snack for summer!

These fun fruity lollipops are cool and refreshing on a warm summers day. They’re a guilt free treat when you’re managing a fit pregnancy and perfect for toddlers and children too! They are simply a mix of fruit and juices frozen in lolly moulds … chilled prenatal vitamins for a healthy pregnancy.

Let us know your favourite combos!

Strawberry & Orange!
Half fill a mould with orange juice and freeze.
Blend strawberries and water melon and add to the mould with a few strawberry slices around the sides for decoration. Pop back in the freezer until frozen.

Grape & Berry!
Half fill a mould with red grape juice and freeze.
Add a handful of blueberries and top up the mould with apple juice. Pop back in the freezer until frozen.

Tropical lolly!
Half fill a mould with pineapple juice and freeze.
Blend a few slices of banana with some orange juice, add in a few crushed chunks of pineapple and top up the mould, with a few pineapple slices arranged around the sides. Pop back in the freezer until frozen.

Apple & Kiwi!
Half fill a mould with apple juice and freeze.
Arrange slices of kiwi fruit around the sides and fill the remaining space with a mixture of crushed kiwi fruit and tropical fruit juice. Pop back in the freezer until frozen.

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